Find the Right Pillow for a Healthier Night’s Sleep

To Get a Healthy Night’s Sleep, You Need the Right Pillow

America’s Sleep Problem

Getting a good night’s sleep is difficult for one in three Americans. Stress and lifestyle choices all play a role in sleep problems.

How to Achieve Quality Sleep

Sleep is not only about the time your eyes are shut, but also about the quality of sleep. Creating a routine and avoiding certain activities play a role in a good night’s sleep. Experts have a few suggestions:

▪ Get in bed and wake up at the same time every day.
▪ Exercise regularly, but avoid is a few hours before bed.
▪ Allow your body time to digest after dinner.
▪ Hydrating is important, but avoid liquids before bedtime.
▪ Reduce caffeine intake.
▪ Don’t sleep on the stomach.

There are also lifestyle adjustments to manage stress and improve sleep quality. Focus on the following:

▪ Darken you room as much as possible.
▪ Reduce noise.
▪ Keep your bedroom cool.
▪ Choose the appropriate mattress and pillow.

Is Your Pillow Right for You?

While many may not consider the kind of pillow they use, the wrong pillow can cause small problems that add up. If the pillow supports the head at the wrong level, it can add stress to the neck and upper back. The back and neck should be supported, effectively tilting the head forward. Symptoms of poor pillow support include insomnia, headaches, snoring, stiff neck, and numbness in arms and hands. Consider the type of pillow you are sleeping on if these symptoms pertain to you.

What’s Considered a Good Pillow?

A good pillow comfortably supports the head, neck, and aligns the spine. The right pillow will:

▪ Support the head when sleeping on your side or back, without a gap between the pillow and neck.
▪ Keep the head tilted.
▪ Prohibit the head from rolling sideways.
▪ Allow movement.

Buying Tips

▪ Decide what you like, whether it be a bouncy pillow or one that molds to you. Consider density and material.
▪ Consider the quality of your pillow and understand that to buy the best quality, you may have to pay extra.
▪ Take a moment to test and compare pillows.
▪ Don’t think that what you like is what your partner will like. Stay away from matching sets.

If you are not sleeping well, talk to a doctor who understands your neck, back, and the symptoms that come with a restless night of sleep. Sleeping plays a key role in health and even a small thing, like a pillow, can make a difference in a good night’s sleep.

Dr. Samuel Ruiz is a Licensed Chiropractor in Chino and has been in practice since 2008. He not only provides chiropractic services for the residents of Chino but also Chino Hills, Ontario, Eastvale and the surrounding San Bernardino County and Inland Empire. He graduated from Ayala High School in Chino Hills and is The “Go To” Chiropractor in the Chino Valley. He takes care of adults, children and pregnant women and makes getting adjusted regularly easy, fast and affordable. People come to see Sam The Chiropractor not just for neck pain, back pain and headaches but for a variety of health issues and has clients from zip codes 91710, 91709, 91708, 91752, 92880, 91758, 91761, 91762, 91764. Sam The Chiropractor “Restoring the Doctor Within” 5370 Schaefer Ave., Chino, CA 91710. Located off Schaefer and Central next to AMPM and Farmer Boys. Walk-Ins are Welcome. and no Insurance is Required. New Client Special Includes Consult, Exam & 1st Adjustment and you can schedule your first visit directly on our website, simply walk-in during our normal office hours or by calling (909)529-1179.

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