Have you been looking for someone to help you restore your health so you can start feeling better again?

Are you tired of waiting for your aches and pains to go away on their own? Are you fed up with being prescribed more and more medications? If you answered yes, then maintenance chiropractic care may be right for you!

How can Maintenance Chiropractic Care Help You?

Routine Chiropractic Adjustments can help decrease pressure along your spine and nervous system and help you ... Improve Your Health ... Have More Energy ... Decrease Stress and Tension ... Decrease Aches and Pains ... and best of all help you Feel Better Again! 

Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about our office.

Do you have any specials for new clients? ... YES

How long is the first visit? ... 20-30 minutes 

Do you take Insurance or Car Accidents? ... NO

What is your specialty? ... Maintenance Chiropractic

What services do you offer? ... Chiropractic Adjustments

Do you provide Physical Therapy or X-Rays? ... NO

Do you have affordable maintenance plans available? ... YES

Do you take care of children and pregnant women? ... YES

Who is Sam The Chiropractor?

My name is Dr. Samuel Ruiz and I'm a Licensed Chiropractor in Chino.  I have been helping people just like you since 2008. I try to make it as simple as possible to get maintenance chiropractic care and promise not to waste your time with any unecessary procedures. Give us a try and if you like me, the office, and the chiropractic adjustments ... I promise to make it simple for you to get the routine chiropractic care you deserve.

If you feel like our office is the right fit for you then Easily Schedule Your Visit Now its only $59 and includes a Consultation, Exam & Adjustment or call (909)529-1179